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Asam has come up with an effective policy and organization to achieve its ultimate goal of integrating the coverage of ICT services in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Hence, it has an important role in providing domestic needs and creating the grounds for the growing growth of public wealth and sustainable development.

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The existence of world-class scholars in ICT has led to the creation of special achievements for the production of new information technology software, as well as providing advice and services to government agencies and businesses.

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this company proud addition to the localization of new technologies and domestic needs, promotion of national standards and reducing the gap between domestic technology and technology has been

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Considering the role of consumer behavior patterns in the pay industry, we will have fundamental changes in the penetration rate of the new methods in this industry options…


Blokchin technology is in fact a chain of blocks, in which the database is distributed and consensus-based, which continually lists the records, each of which has options…

Business Intelligence

BI, refers to the range of applications and technologies for gathering data and knowledge in order to generate query business analysis to make accurate business decisions and smart…

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